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Occupational Health


If you are travelling outside the UK in connection with work or study, you need to consider travel health recommendations.

Everyone should read the information sections on travel health and personal safety and take information on the University Travel Insurance

Advice for Fieldtrips is provided by the University Health & Safety Division.

Occupational can help you plan for your trip and will provide most of the necessary vaccinations.  Current costs can be found here.

Click here for travel health information sheets that provide general information to help you plan your journey in a safe manner. They include advice on how to avoid the most common problems including non-infectious and infectious health risks.


Travel Insurance

The University provides travel insurance for employees of Cambridge University and its subsidiary companies whilst travelling abroad on University of Cambridge business, and also for members of supervised departmental fieldtrips.

To find out more information, please see the Insurance Section website.

You should obtain and always carry with you a copy of the cover note and Policy number.

Staff and registered students of the University will be entitled to government-subsidised health care in EU countries, but need to carry proof of entitlement to help reclaim costs. Information about applying for an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can be found here.

Personal Safety

You should check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office web pages for up-to-date information and recommendations on security risks for the countries that you are travelling to.

Members of the University should always follow the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (F&CO). No travel should be made to regions with a strict "no travel" rating. For less severe ratings the wording of the guidance should be interpreted conservatively. Where a region has the rating "essential travel only" journeys to that area should be avoided.

The University's travel insurers advise against travel to regions with a negative F&CO rating, however where members of the University are already in such a region our insurers will do their best to arrange medical assistance and provide other elements of the cover. Anyone in a region with a negative F&CO rating should contact the insurance office by emailing or (0)1223 332216 or 339659.

The University's travel insurers will consider claims for cancellation of trips due to negative F&CO guidance where bookings for flights and accommodation were made prior to negative advice from the F&CO. Evidence of the booking date will be required as part of the claims process. If you need to make a claim for cancellation of a trip due to negative F&CO guidance please contact the insurance office at

Always leave information with your department about your destination, travel arrangements, your return date and how you can be contacted if an emergency arises when you are away.

Advice for Fieldtrips is provided by the University Health & Safety Division


If you are travelling to counties other than northern and central Europe, north America or Australia vaccinations are usually recommended. To find out the recommendations for the countries you are visiting, check NaTHNaC

Your specific need for vaccinations will depend on:

  • Where you stay
  • How long you will be away for
  • What activities you will be doing

Where a vaccine is recommended as ‘sometimes advised’, you should seek advice from one of the University OH advisers on whether it is necessary for you.

The length of protection afforded by vaccination varies from vaccine to vaccine. For further details and information see our vaccination information pages

Getting Vaccinated

Occupational Health can provide all vaccinations required for work or for overseas travel in connection with work or study at a not for profit cost.

Immunity takes some time to develop, and if you require several vaccines, they may need to be given some weeks apart, so you should ideally arrange to start vaccinations 2 months before you intend to travel.

For information on arranging appointments see our Travel Health pages


If you are travelling to central or south America, SE Asia or the Eastern Mediterranean you may need to protect yourself against malaria. Occupational Health can supply recommended tablets.

Medical Student Electives

If you are a medical student planning your elective, there are some specific pages of information on health risks and OH support for you. Click here for further information.