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Occupational Health


Occupational Health (OH) provides travel health advice, vaccinations and antimalarial prophylaxis.  This service is for University staff and specified student groups travelling on University business (e.g. research, conferences or field trips).

This service does not extend to holiday travel, families or other accompanying persons, or to those travelling on College business. In these circumstances advice should be accessed via GPs or local travel clinics.

It is important that you contact OH as soon as you know that you are going to travel because immediate appointments cannot be guaranteed and vaccination courses may take some months to complete.

  • Researchers and post graduate students – if you are undertaking University research abroad and/or depending on the content of your course you are able to attend for travel health advice, you will however need to pay for any recommended vaccinations and/or antimalarials.
  • Medical students – travel health advice is provided for elective placements 
  • Vet students - travel health advice is provided for elective placements and extra mural studies overseas

Making an appointment

Please contact Occupational Health to arrange a convenient appointment. You will be asked to complete a Pre-Travel Risk Assessment Form to bring with you to your appointment.

Comprehensive travel health advice can be found at the following sites:

The Blood Care Foundation provide peace of mind in the possible but unlikely event that you require blood transfusion, whilst abroad.  All the blood provided is sourced from blood banks which are regulated to the highest international standards.  Membership is a minimal fee per month.