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Occupational Health


Occupational Health provides elective travel health risk assessments, advice and vaccinations to elective veterinary students on request.

This involves the completion of a travel health risk assessment and an appointment at Occupational Health at 16 Mill Lane for a detailed travel health assessment and advice.  This includes advice and the cost of any recommended travel vaccinations and anti-malarials. Further vaccination appointments will be arranged if necessary.

It is important to contact OH as soon as you have made provisional enquiries about your travel destination, so that all necessary vaccinations schedules can be completed before travel.

This ensures that timely appointments are available and avoids the risk of being unable to get an appointment and travelling without receiving all vaccinations and/or malaria prophylaxis.

The following travel health sites are extremely useful sources of real time travel information:

Travel health costs

Travel health advice is free of charge for but all vaccination and serology costs supplied by Occupational Health for elective travel purposes are charged directly to the student.  Current costs can be found here

Occupational Health is not responsible for re-imbursement of expenses incurred for vaccinations obtained from other providers.

Post elective travel information


Students returning from their travels are also requested to complete the post elective travel health evaluation form