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Occupational Health


All staff and students who will be involved in laboratory work with hazard group 3 pathogens, or class 3 genetically modified organisms, or unscreened human blood or tissue samples must complete health screening before beginning this work.


The aim is to identify anyone who may be at particular risk from infection, if exposed, in order to advise on appropriate precautions to help mitigate the risk.


If an occupational health adviser considers specific precautions or support measures are required to ensure your safety we will advise your manager of these, after discussion with you. Information on any underlying health issue will not be divulged unless you request this.


Whilst you continue in such work you must inform Occupational Health if:

  • you are involved in any incident where you may be accidently exposed to the pathogen(s) you work with.
  • you develop symptoms that might be caused by exposed to the pathogen(s) you work with.
  • you develop any health conditions which may increase your risk of infection if exposed.
  • you change your address or name.


All staff and students involved in project should complete a Biological Agents Health Assessment Questionnaire and send this to Occupational Health.

After receiving a questionnaire Occupational Health will notify the individual and supervisor/line manager whether the individual needs to attend Occupational Health for vaccination. The individual should then contact Occupational Health to make an appointment.